Shanghai West Bund Biennale

Shanghai/ China

Size/ The Cloud Pavilion: 190 m²/ Support facility pavilions: 240 m²
Local design institute/ TJAD, Tongji University
Client/ Xuhui Development Corporation

Our contribution to the 2013 Shanghai West Bund Biennial for Architecture and Contemporary Art, consists of an art installation pavilion, the “Cloud”, and a composition of pavilions containing socio-cultural facilities including a café, a gallery and a bookshop servicing the vistors to the West Bund. Based on the themes of “Reflecta an Fabrica”, the pavilions are placed adjacent to one of two iconic industrial cranes on the Xuhui West Bund Riverside.

The "Cloud" installation concept is intended for experience, interaction and activity. Whilst the support facility pavilions are for contemplation, rest and relaxation.

The tall crane is an symbol which people all over the world recognize and relate to and embodies balance, performance and gravity. The aim of the art installation is to amplify and contrast these qualities.

By following the path along the riverside, visitors are led to the Cloud and can walk through it as part of their stroll through the biennale area.

A clear visual connection to the history and the industrial nature of the site is created by the corten steel clad support facility pavilions. The shape and orientation of the pavilions are determined by the views towards the nearby bridge, the crane and the river.

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