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Adaptive Transformation

Now, more than ever, the environmental and social effects of construction demand our attention. The transformation and reuse of existing neighborhoods, campuses, waterfronts, industrial sites, and buildings are an essential part of our commitment to reducing environmental impact.

Artist Collaborations

Architecture can be a canvas or a sculptural mould for art. It can also be fully submerged into each other, making it hard to tell where the architecture ends and the art piece begins.

Throughout history, the artist and the architect were often the same person. In our projects, we approach our artist collaborations as an on-going dialogue. In mutual respect we give way for the artistic intervention as layers that seep into the walls, floors, or ceilings. Or stand out with a cry or message that grasps the attention from visitors and users of the building. Together we aim to move people, striking a note and setting a mood that makes it a place to remember.


Educational institutions provide environments for reflection, innovation, and creativity, centered around a shared identity. Great institutions do more – they are cross-disciplinary platforms that empower their learners to chart their own paths. Given the nature of the work, we too employ our creativity fearlessly as we develop new paths specific to the challenge at hand. We are unbiased and comprehensive in our design approach; yet direct and distinct in our architectural response.

Hybrid mixed-use

We approach every one of our projects with a hybrid mindset. Whether it’s the more traditional combination of functions or the blurring of the boundary between a building and the public realm, it is our philosophy that every project serves more than one purpose. And each unique development has more than a singular meaning to the people who use it. 

We experiment with the functions of a hybrid building, composing them in new, innovative, often surprising ways. Instead of taking the components and assembling them in the most obvious way, we strive to create a whole that is larger than the sum of its parts.


Over the past decade, we have witnessed an unprecedented renaissance in libraries. The rapidly changing social, technological, and demographic trends have caused libraries to evolve dramatically.

Libraries are the cultural hubs of our time - places of learning through contemplation, engaging with different media, creating, and connecting with others. In a world that occasionally feels fragmented, libraries provide a unique framework where we can come together around shared interests and the joy of learning.


For more than two decades, we have integrated wood in the design of cultural, civic, commercial, and educational buildings the world over. Our approach to timber construction is rooted in a culture of sustainability and smart business – we believe that timber exists where these two notions intersect.

Urban Planning

Urban planning stands at the centre of dealing with the climate crisis that is inevitably upon us. As we see mass urbanisation as global mega trend, dealing with aspects like high densification, transportation, food production, adaptive transformation, housing scarcity, biodiversity loss, and rapid shifts - climatic, political, as economical, planning has become the battlefield from where we as designers can drive the biggest change. Collaboration is at the heart of our work as we strive to create thriving communities that benefit all living systems.

Boston Commonwealth Pier Water view adaptive transformation
Boston Commonwealth Pier
65,500 m²
North America
Rocket and tigerli sky top of building
34,500 m²
AROS 01 EXTERIOR PRINT 201111 edited lowyes
ARoS - The Next Level
4,000 m²
Denmark, Europe
Vectura Campus F
23,000 m²
Sweden, Europe
Vridsloeselille Model Close up Urban transformation
Vridsløselille Urban Plan
160,000 m²
Denmark, Europe
11,000 m²
Sweden, Europe
Dokk1 Photo01 Culture
35,600 m²
Denmark, Europe
State Library Victoria Photo08 Culture
State Library Victoria
13,532 m²
VIA Oslo Photo01 Office
VIA Oslo
62,500 m²
Norway, Europe
Victory silos renders extended silo from garden night transformation hybrid use
Victory Silos
130,000 m²
North America
House of the city and region render exterior libraries civic culture
House of the City and Region
22,000 m²
Malmö Live
54,000 m²
Sweden, Europe
1,810 m²
Denmark, Europe
Vendsyssel Theatre exterior cubic volumes culture civic
Vendsyssel Theatre
4,200 m²
Denmark, Europe
UBC Hero Shot Education
UBC Gateway
25,000 m²
North America
01 US SHL RAWVISION studio Shanghai Library East
Shanghai Library East
115,000 m²
Molobyen renders plaza urban
81,000 m²
Norway, Europe
Katuaq Culture Centre exterior afternoon
Katuaq Cultural Centre
4,800 m²
North America
Aros exterior context view moelleparken culture civic
ARoS Aarhus Art Museum
17,000 m²
Denmark, Europe
The Royal Library building at dusk front harbour - Laura Stamer
The Royal Library
27,000 m²
Denmark, Europe
Nio oslo Photo01 Commercial
NIO House Oslo
2,150 m2
Norway, Europe