A certified and tranquil tale of timber

Framehouse in Dragør, Denmark, is a highly sustainable workspace promoting well-being and innovation through a healthy and inspiring physical environment. The name ‘Framehouse’ refers to the solid wooden frame structure, with beams of laminated timber forming three interconnecting volumes in a human scale. The building is thought as a concept where the frames allow owners and users to easily expand, transform, divide, and consolidate depending on how much space is required. It is a modern interpretation of the traditional Danish timber barn characterised by its exposed wooden structure.

Dragør ranks among the top three Danish municipalities with the highest percentage of self-employed individuals. The presence of Framehouse which provides a multi-user shared office space and pleasant work environment, has transformed the place into a thriving hub for over 20 local businesses. Thus, in addition to its practical benefits, the name also carries metaphorical significance, influencing the behaviour of its users - the generous common areas encouraging sharing, cross-disciplinary collaboration, and social gatherings, effectively shaping and framing the community that is continually developing within its walls.

It is a place that creates clear synergies across different professions and people, a house that offers tranquillity, and establishes a warm, inviting atmosphere to help spark creativity and innovative thoughts, while at the same time manifesting the high ambitions of sustainability.

Framehouse is DNGB Gold certified, and sustainability permeates the project from the floors to the rooftops. Choosing mass timber as the principal building material not only lowers Framehouse’s environmental impact, but also ensures a building that will stand the test of time, ageing naturally and gracefully.

Framehouse Construction09 Office

The building represents an attempt at revitalising mass timber as a technically and economically feasible construction method. Wood is an obvious material when looking for at more sound and sensible use of enviromental ressources, and is – not least – an aesthetically attractive material that holds a lot of emotional and tactile value.

Framehouse is a modern interpretation of the traditional wooden barns of Scandinavia with their exposed frames.

Framehouse reference Grange Barn interior office

The structure, which utilises wood as a principal building material, is low-energy and low-carbon with reusable elements, produced and developed in Denmark, inside and out.

Framehouse Construction06 Office

The centre volume is the heart of the building where shared functions such as the entryway, meeting rooms, and the canteen are housed. The common space is flanked by two flexible outer volumes that can accommodate offices and meeting rooms at various scales.

Framehouse Sketch01 Office
Sketch plan of ground floor
Framehouse Sketch02 Office
Sketch plan of level 01

The choice of materiality lowers the environmental impact and ensures Framehouse will stand the test of time, ageing naturally and gracefully.

Detailed drawing
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Framehouse Construction01 Office
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Dragør, Denmark
Co-working office space
1,810 m²
Completed in 2019
1st prize in invited RFP process, 2016
Arne Elkjær A/S
Lyngby Entreprise A/S
Embodied carbon emissions (A1-A3):
1.98 kg CO2 eq/m² pr. year
Operational carbon emissions (B6):
EOL 50 yr (total): 6.51 kg CO2 eq/m² pr. year
Adam Mørk, Anders Hviid

Framehouse, a flexible office building in Dragør, Denmark, is a highly sustainable workspace wrapped in warm, natural materials. The industrial business area 12 kilometres south of central Copenhagen is dotted with repurposed aircraft hangars, and new construction influenced by their form. While the simple building volumes of Framehouse are a nod to the local context, the building is a rare gem in Denmark - a sustainable and innovative exposed timber structure.

Despite its humble size, Framehouse is a remarkable construction that merges tradition and innovation. The characteristic feature of the exposed frames recurring throughout the three building bodies is inspired by the simple construction of a traditional Danish timber barn, while its innovative spirit is evident in the flexibility and reconfiguration of modern office space. Framehouse is certified DNGB Gold which is demonstrated from the landscape to the rooftops.

Framehouse Photo03 Office
Framehouse exterior semi dusk AM office timber
Framehouse Plan01 Office

Framehouse is a low-energy and low-carbon building with reusable elements inside and out. The materials are produced and developed in Denmark which effects the overall energy accounts in a positive way. Outside, four electric vehicle charging stations make it possible to charge their vehicles on the spot. Clad with Sedum-grass-herbs, the external roof delays the rain water’s natural flow and prevent big temperature fluctuations. The timber façade is protected by an envelope with aluminium on wood, ensuring a minimum of maintenance needs and less wearing.

Replacing traditional structural systems such as concrete and steel by prefabricated solid wood panels, create a construction method, which is fast, clean, and sustainable – not to mention aesthetically pleasing.

Framehouse construction detail office timber
Framehouse Photo close up Office
Framehouse Photo box Office

Upon arriving to Framehouse, tenants and visitors feel the spirit of the place. The wood is left exposed inside, while large expanses of glazing and a central atrium topped with a part-glass roof allow for an abundance of natural light.

Framehouse interior 1st floor AM office timber

In between the working stations, employees will be able to also gather, relax and communicate around the canteen, smaller living room areas and interior gardens spaced out around each floor.

Framehouse interior ground floor AM office timber