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SHL wins competition to design new office building in Oslo!

Model01 So Me
Agendas & Insights: Artistry

ARoS The Next Level - Shells for James Turrell's The Dome arrive at ARoS

A Ro S shells 04 Culture
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SHL Shanghai studio reveals design for two major cultural projects

So Me 04 SHL West Bund Grand Theatre West Bund Dome Art Center

New Correctional Facility Nuuk

New Correctional Facility Nuuk, Greenland
New Correctional Facility Nuuk exterior18 civic
Agendas & Insights: Artistry,Libraries

Artworks by 10 Prominent Artists for the Shanghai Library East Unveiled

Shanghai Library East Library art artwork UAP photo by Raw Vision Studio Artist Gu Wenda
Adaptive Transformation

The biggest potential lies in what already exists

Seismic shifts in the way we work, spend, and live our lives are making entire building-types obsolete.

This creates a major challenge for the sustainable transition of cities. Demolition and rebuilding is one of the world’s greatest contributors to carbon, resource and material waste, and we are developing new tools and methods to allow adaptive transformation of buildings to compete as a value proposition. We have created new design methods, digital techniques and financial analysis tools that more accurately quantify the process and ROI in transformation.

Boston Commonwealth Pier Water view adaptive transformation
State Library Victoria Photo08 Culture
SpinningMills Interior02 Adaptive Transformation
TL Robertson Library Curtin Entrance Exterior front from lawn

Malmö Live

Malmö Live a hybrid landmark that houses a concert hall, congress center and hotel and offer urbanites a spaces with a low threshold to feel welcome and at ease.


Rocket&Tigerli rises as the world’s tallest residential building with a load bearing timber construction over the next few years in the Swiss city of Winterthur.
Rocket and tigerli sky top of building