SHL wins competition to design new office building in Oslo!

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Drawing inspiration from the unique characteristics of the Lysaker site, our winning proposal, “Varden”, for a new office building in Oslo blends with the existing rock formation, appearing as a natural extension of the landscape.

The Norwegian term "Varden" signifies a manmade stack of stones, often employed as trail markers and wilderness landmarks. "Varden" creatively translates these local features into a contemporary design that remains deeply rooted in its context. It aims to serve not only as a prominent landmark but also as a navigational point, forging a strong sense of identity that resonates with its surroundings.

The essence of the new office building lies in its dual nature - iconic yet human in scale, timeless yet adaptable for the future, providing a shield from the motorway's noise while remaining an open and inviting public space.

Our design proposal is primarily oriented towards three key scales: pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists. It caters to pedestrians, as it faces Teleplanbyen, a vast new urban development. It accommodates cyclists, in line with the planned bicycle network, and considers motorists due to the proximity of the motorway.

A commitment to enhancing public life serves as the guiding principle of our proposal. Thus, a series of public spaces, both indoors and outdoors, ensure that "Varden" transcends its role as a mere office building. It becomes a catalyst for public engagement and interaction. The building establishes a harmonious relationship with its surroundings, including the local terrain, Teleplanbyen, the natural environment, and present and future occupants.

Lysaker Varden atrium office
Lysaker Varden exterior office
Lysaker Varden Exterior Plaza Office