IBC Innovation Factory

Kolding/ Denmark

Size/ 15,200 m²
On comission/ 2009
Status/ Completed in 2012
Client/ IBC International Business College, Kolding
Engineer/ Rambøll A/S
Other consultants/ Alectia (fire)
Main contractor/ MT Højgaard a/s, Odense
Awards/ 2013, INSIDE, shotlisted in Creative re-use category/ 2013, The Danish Lighting Award, shortlisted

The IBC Innovation Factory is designed to support new ways of learning. The 12,800m2 educational building is the result of a refurbishment project of the paint manufacturer GORI’s factory from 1978, which set new standards for factories at the time. In the spirit of the original factory the re-development has created the settings for a ground-breaking and creative learning environment, aiming to become the world’s best. The ambition is to be a training camp for future innovators.

With the acquisition of the GORI factory in the summer of 2010, the IBC gained access to a unique physical environment characterized by an impressive pioneering spirit and vision. It was the first factory plant in Denmark to unite production and management in one large room, allowing visual connection between the two.

By using six elements – fire, water, greenery, light, sound and air – the concept for the new Innovation Factory was developed with an emphasis on stimulating the users’ senses.

The ambition of the building is to be a training camp for future innovators.

“Students, teachers, and the business world can meet and learn from each other in this unique setting. The building should support and inspire this encounter. The main architectural concept behind the ‘landscape furniture’ is created in that spirit. We are convinced that the experience of quality and well-being is highly conducive to creativity,” explains John F. Lassen

The large paint tanks were decorated by the French artist Jean Dewasne, with the idea that art in the workplace would inspire employees and provide a better working environment.

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