Fisketorvet Copenhagen Mall

Copenhagen/ Denmark

Size/ Total future development 151,000 m² mixed use
Competition/ 2016, invited competition
Status/ Validated zoning plan
Landlord/ Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield
Landscape architect/ SLA
Engineer/ MOE

The transformation of Copenhagen Mall aims to turn this once isolated complex into a welcoming urban locality fitting for one of the World's most liveable cities. The expansion includes a total of 151,000m² of retail, commercial and public spaces and a planned direct integration of the new metro station, due to complete in 2023, that will create a new gravitational point for the entire area. The new design with near 360 degrees of open and active facades at the ground level will foster life between the building and the city, creating a new vibrant addition to downtown Copenhagen.

Copenhagen Mall was built in 2000 at a then seemingly remote location. Although it sits with a front-row waterfront location, the centre was designed as an inward-facing traditional mall.

The new stop on the Metro line will be incorporated into the South-western expansion of the complex, creating a new gravitational point for the entire area. As well, the new facade design is revitalized with warm tones of ceramic lamella tiles, creating a dynamic carpet, sweeping the entire building mass and unifying its structure.

The new and improved parking strategy will include an expansion of bicycle parking spots. The proposed extension of the iconic Bicycle Snake will also improve the logistical flow around the existing main entrance and will provide better connection to the new neighbours, such as the new planned IKEA city store and the meatpacking district across Dybbølsbro station.

A new outdoor space build around the existing main entrance will lead to a public roof/top park and connect with the new and improved Dining Experience corner, offering some of Copenhagen's best views to the inner harbour.

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