Digital Fabrication and Computation Intern/ Spring 2020

Our Fabrication Lab offers internships to candidates with an interest in experiencing and developing innovative computational solutions for digital crafting of architecture.


You will contribute to a set of software and hardware investigations specifically for architectural prototyping, manufacturing methods, and physical modeling. You can also master 3Dprinting within design prototyping.


Read more about the internships we offer and apply here.


Environmental Analysis and Simulations Intern/ Spring 2020

Are you competent in using parametric tools for environmental analysis? Do you want to contribute to shifting the paradigm of the current architectural behavior?


And do you get enthusiastic about data-driven and simulation-informed design? We offer internships for mastering building simulations and analysis skills in all stages of design.


Read more about the internships we offer and apply here.


Chris Hardie speaks at Shenzhen Urbanism/Architecture Design Master Forum

Partner and Design Director Chris Hardie will be a keynote speaker at the upcoming 27th Master Series Lecture at Shenzhen Urbanism/Architecture Design Master Forum on November 20 in China.


During his lecture “Contextually Nordic”, Chris will discuss the essence of Nordic design philosophy where “people-oriented thinking, and design space for people” is a leading design principle. Our Shanghai-based Design Director will invite the audience to follow his journey from Scotland to Denmark, Australia, Canada, and finally to China, where he explored, designed and interacted with people and projects in the cities of Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Beijing. He will talk about his personal exploration of different countries and cultures, and how architecture can create a positive impact on people’s daily lives.


The lecture series is organised by the Urban Planning Land and Resources Commission of the Municipality of Shenzhen, a platform for architectural culture exchange that gathers internationally renowned architects to discuss urban architectural design ideas and development trends.


For more information about the event and registration, click here.


Architectural Design Intern/ Spring 2020

As a creative platform for the realization of innovative ideas, we are again looking for talented architecture students with high design ambitions and significant software skills to join our concept and visualization teams.


You will contribute to the development of solutions that create positive change in our societies and the built environment.


Read more about the internships we offer and apply here.


Tūranga wins the 2019 John Scott Award for Public Architecture

Christchurch’s new central library has done it again. Tūranga was awarded the John Scott Award for Public Architecture by Te Kāhui Whaihanga New Zealand Institute of Architects at the 2019 New Zealand Architecture Awards.


The library has become a cultural destination after its opening back in 2018 thanks to its welcoming and varied program that celebrates the local community. Tūranga goes beyond the traditional library facility—it is a cultural destination, pushing the boundaries of resilience and functionality.


You can learn more about Tūranga here and read more about the John Scott Award recognition at Architecture Now.


Parametric Design Intern/ Spring 2020

We are looking for creative architecture students with strong parametric design skills to join our Parametric Design team. Together with skilled architects, you will take part in investigative design processes, supporting the realization of innovative ideas.


Read more about the internships we offer and apply here.


We have joined the Architects Declare movement

Climate change and the loss of biodiversity are two of the most crucial crises of our time and the architecture and construction industries have a role to play to combat the most serious problems facing humanity. Buildings and other structures play a major role in the climate crisis, accounting for almost 40% of the energy-related CO2 emissions, while also having a significant impact on our natural surroundings.


In order to take positive action in response to climate breakdown and biodiversity collapse, we have joined the international movement Architects Declare. We are uniting forces with our fellow architectural practices to declare our support in the effort to develop and design buildings, cities, and infrastructures as an underlying part of a larger, constant regeneration and self-driving sustainable system.


Learn more about the Architects Declare movement at dk.architectsdeclare.com and constructiondeclares.com.


ICT & BIM Manager Nicklas Verdier Østergaard speaks at Molio Conference 2019

The intelligent 3D model-based process, most commonly known as Building Information Modelling (BIM), has become the standard tool that connects architecture, engineering, and construction.


Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects’ ICT & BIM Manager Nicklas Verdier Østergaard recently developed an IFC Guide for sharing and exchanging BIM data in collaboration with BIM Equity, buildingSMART, and Molio. The guide helps industries to work more effectively and collaboratively. Niklas will re-visit the now completed and updated BIM resource on November 5 at the 2019 Molio Conference in Middelfart, Denmark.


IFC is currently a requirement for major public building projects and is the most common format for BIM submissions globally. Nicklas will focus his talk on the significance of the import of IFC files, which is most often overlooked in current guidelines, but is a vital subject that leads to good collaboration, easing the process from design through construction to handover.


For more information (in Danish) about the conference, visit www.molio.dk/kurser/molio-konferencen-2019.


To read more about the IFC Guide, visit www.molio.dk.


The Black Diamond turns 20

More than 25 years ago our young firm submitted one of 179 proposals in an open European competition to design an extension to the Royal Danish Library in Copenhagen. During the competition, one of the jury members asked during a deliberation, “but did you see the Black Diamond?” It was in that moment that Schmidt Hammer Lassen’s glittering black gem began its journey to igniting the regeneration of the Copenhagen harbour front.


This year, The Black Diamond celebrates its 20th anniversary. The project is an initiative by the Danish Ministry of Culture and the Royal Danish Library that chose a group of pioneers to design a mixed-use cultural space in 1993, a time when the concept of a library as a culture house and gathering space was not as evident as it is today.


Since then, we have gone on to design more than 15 libraries around the world and counting.


Learn more about the Royal Library here.

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