Schmidt Hammer Lassen collaborating this summer with Roskilde Festival and Bloxhub

Circle allotment

Copenhagen Architecture Festival, 'The City Will Eat Itself'

Spor10 / June 11th, 2023 / 12.00 - 14.00

To address questions of urban resilience, we bring together insightful thought leaders of different scales to take part in a 2-part series of discussions to investigate how our food and waste systems influence our daily experiences and affect our collective future.

With leading prominent figures including:

- Camilla van Deurs, Municipality City Architect Climate and Urban Development
- Sophia Schuff, Anthropologist and Director, Gehl Architects
- Aleksander Nowak, Urban Food Systems Research Leader, Dark Matter Labs
- Mette Jørgensen, Program Coordinator, Bioøkonomisk Vækstcenter Guldborgsund

Moderated by Enlai Hooi, Schmidt Hammer Lassen

See the full program for The City Will Eat Itself here

Roskilde Festival

Roskilde, Denmark / June 26th - July 1, 2023

- June 26th, 'Imagined Futures' Digital Workshop / Time TBC

- July 1st, 'Food Is Now' Food Infrastructures from Sea to Land Roundtable Talks / Time TBC

UIA World Congress of Architecture

Bloxhub, Denmark / July 6th, 2023

'The Food-Future Game' RF x SHL Workshop / 12.00 - 15.00

'Feedback' Roundtable Talks / 16.00-18.00

'A Hacktivist Guide to Food Security' Publication Launch Party / 18.00-23.00

Grasp Festival

Musicon area, Roskilde, Denmark / September 28th, 2023

- 'Food Futures Imagined' Talk / Time TBC

Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architect and Editor Enlai Hooi brings Food Urbanist, Carolyn Steel and Copenhagen's City Architect Camilla Van Deurs to contribute their unique practices in a rich conversation about self-sufficient and circular food systems for future sustainable living and wellbeing.