Feed-Back selected as one of the winning proposals for Neighbourhoods for Generations

Neighborhoods for generations site diagram

Feed-Back, our proposal for how to develop neighbourhoods for more intergenerational exchange and social cohesion has been announced one of four winners of Landsbyggefonden's idea competition ‘Neighbourhood for Generations.’

The proposal is a collaboration between SHL and Fælleshaven based on the idea of bringing generations together through activities revolving around shared meals, food circularity and waste systems.

The project seeks to tackle both intergenerational segregation, loneliness, and the challenge of our unsustainable food systems. Together with local residents, a team of food system experts and architects will review all spaces related to food in each community - gardens, kitchens, dining spaces, and recycling facilities. Involving residents is key to uncovering which physical and mental barriers stand in the way of shared mealtimes. Reshaping both the existing living spaces and the social structures, the team will do interventions to encourage growing, harvesting, preparing, and sharing food as a social activity within the community.

The four winning proposals will be featured on an exhibition that opens June 29th 2023 at "Living Places" in Jernbanebyen, Otto Busses Vej 27, 2450 Copenhagen SV. 

Read about the exhibition and all four winning proposals here.