K8 - a new benchmark for more sustainable and creative work environment opens in Norway

K8 Exterior Corner Office

Stavanger, southwestern Norway -

In the bustling heart of Stavanger's central business district, the K8 tower celebrated its official opening on March 7th, welcoming 350 invited guests and featuring speeches from the mayor and the developer.

The tower boasts bright, modern office spaces spread across its 16 floors, along with a café, restaurant, event spaces, and versatile exhibition and performance areas. K8 offers a contemporary environment that fosters a healthy and inspiring workplace, while also serving as a hub for social and cultural activities aimed at the broader community.

Situated in the city centre near the Central Station, K8 and its surrounding public areas stand as a beacon of accessibility and connectivity, offering pedestrian and cyclist-friendly pathways, while green spaces provide sanctuary for leisure and social engagement, contributing to the vibrant urban fabric of the area.

Photos: Sindre Ellingsen

K8 Exterior Tower Office
K8 Exterior Corners Office
K8 Exterior Context Office