Visit our UIA pavilions at BLOX and Jernbanebyen

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Visit our two pavilions "Feed-Back" at BLOX & Jernbanebyen during the UIA 

From now until July 6th, discover Feed–Back: A multigenerational exchange around food.

Designed and curated by Schmidt Hammer Lassen, we have crafted two pavilions for this year's UIA World Congress - one housed at Jernbanebyen as part of "Living Places," the other just outside DAC at BLOXHUB. Each a reflection of our working practice to share the prospects of food as a sustainable path towards healthy urbanism with aspirations to inspire new approaches to the way we design our cities. 

Educational and tactile, current research and case studies of global solutions invite personal reflections about our food experiences to create a dialogue with visitors, while a lazy Susan-inspired circular garden is home to edible flowers, herbs, and vegetables to explore and taste the unfamiliar. 

BLOXHUB / Bryghusgade 10 - open until July 14th 

Jernbanebyen / Otto Busses Vej 27 

The pavilions were born out of the 'Neighborhoods for Generations' concept, which leverages food systems to foster intergenerational engagement and includes recent research from Schmidt Hammer Lassen's publication "The Hacktivist Guide to Food Security." 

Our pavilion at Jernbanebyen will open June 29th and will be exhibited through until the autumn. 

Find out more about the project including the research involved below! 

This installation creates a dialogue with visitors to address health, inequity, and environmental impact caused by our current food systems - a physical manifestation of how we at Schmidt Hammer Lassen synthesis research and collaboration with design and innovation to bring food within the landscape of architecture and urbanism. 

Partners: Installation
A Circular design studio / 100% post-waste plastic material, and manufacturing

Fælleshaven / Edible Garden

Landsbyggefonden / Høje Gladsaxe community 


Supported by:
BLOXHUB, Landsbyggefonden, BLOX, arkitekforeningen

To find out more about the project and the case studies presented in the pavilion, join us to celebrate the launch of our publication "The Hacktivist Guide to Food Security".

Centered around research of existing cultures and methods of food production, the publication looks at possible solutions to an alternative future where we explore the potential of re-wiring our cities through hacktivism: the practice of stitching together new systems of self-sufficiency with tools and technologies of current integrative food systems worldwide.

Details & Sign up details below -- see you there!

Where: BLOXHUB Terrace (3rd floor Arena)
When: July 6th, 18.00-23.00
How: Sign up here!

Food Pavilion Table03 Urbanism