Sports & Culture Campus Gellerup

A catalyst that goes beyond

The Gellerup Sports & Culture Campus exhibits a rippling effect in its impact - one that stretches beyond its spatial boundaries. As a playful activity house that embraces various active learning styles including circus, soccer, school, and one of the largest climbing halls, the greater campus of Gellerup marks itself as a unique ecotype, despite its location on a small plot of land in the Western part of Aarhus.

The campus shares its building as a branch of Aarhus Public Libraries, where users, volunteers, partners, and staff co-create a democratic space as an instigator for further participation that nourishes culture, play, inspiration, and knowledge sharing. The Gellerup Library focuses on equality and provides free and open access to learning and information, in a city area that has been challenged for decades.

Comprised almost entirely by its tight-knit community, the diverse social and spatial fabric has been uplifted and woven together, establishing strong roots and an anchor point as guiding principles for the design.

 Active spaces that stimulate participation and engagement are combined with material and aesthetic choices. For example, walls are not generically white. The Activity House and (trade school) located just inside incorporate dance and physical activity as an alternative and active learning style for its users.  

Flexibility and openness is key– both in the building and in the mindset. Its open plan layout creates zones by furniture, shelving, and activities. By maintaining a range of unprogrammed spaces, without shelves or specific programming, users are given the agency to use the space as they see fit.  

Friendly and unpretentious, the Sports and Culture campus brings a democratic playground for its users, rich in diversity and vibrant in its community.

Gellerup Sports and Culture Campus Exterior04 Culture Libraries
Aarhus, Denmark
Library and community facilities for sports, health and play
8,500 m²
Completed 2021
2017, 1st prize in competition
Aarhus Municipality, Brabrand Boligforening
Collaborating architect:
Loop Architects
Library Interior Designer:
Landscape architect:
MASU Planning ApS
2023, Architizer A+Awards "Special Mention" Community Centers category, 2022, IFLA’s "Public Library of the Year" nominee
Laura Stamer

Play, co-creation, participation, and user engagement throughout the local community are core values of the Gellerup campus. Free and flexible spaces are designed to stimulate a participatory culture that stimulates learning, inclusivity and accessibility amongst all walks of life.

Gellerup Sports and Culture Campus Interior04 Culture Libraries
Gellerup Sports and Culture Campus Exterior05 Culture Libraries
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Gellerup Sports and Culture Campus Interior07 Culture Libraries
Gellerup Sports and Culture Campus Render01 Culture Libraries
Gellerup Sports and Culture Campus Exterior06 Culture Libraries
The campus photographed in 2021.
Part of the neighbourhood day and night
Gellerup Sports and Culture Campus Exterior03 Culture Libraries
Gellerup Sports and Culture Campus Interior06 Culture Libraries
Gellerup Sports and Culture Campus Exterior01 Culture Libraries
Gellerup Sports and Culture Campus Interior03 Culture Libraries