Exhibition opening: On the Edge - The Black Diamond 25 years

SHL Architects The Royal Library escalator

In celebration of the Black Diamond’s 25th anniversary, the Royal Danish Library and Schmidt Hammer Lassen proudly present the temporary exhibition "ON THE EDGE - The Black Diamond 25 years".

Through a quarter-century, the Black Diamond has served as a public institution, where culture, community, and academia come together in a dynamic architectural landmark on the Copenhagen waterfront.

The exhibition’s title "ON THE EDGE" refers to the story of a building that, at its inauguration in 1999, stood on the edge of a burgeoning city and on the edge of the water.

It also symbolises a departure from the traditional view of the Royal Danish Library as an elitist bastion, instead embracing openness and inclusivity thereby inviting the wider public within its walls.⁠

The Black Diamond set a precedent for leveraging waterfront proximity as a city-wide asset and demonstrated how contemporary library design could accommodate diverse activities and people.⁠

The exhibition offers unique insights into the conception of one of Copenhagen’s most iconic buildings - from the inception of the competition proposal to its grand completion, delving into its visionary design, distinctive architecture, and its ongoing and future role within the city.

Join us in celebrating the exhibition opening:

Thursday, February 22, 4:30 PM

The Black Diamond⁠

⁠The exhibit will run until August 10th, 2024.

For more information click here. ⁠

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