Skanderborg Town Hall

A multi-purpose meeting place

Skanderborg Town Hall is designed to break down barriers. Housing both administration, law enforcement, and cultural and community activities, the town hall is envisioned as a point of connection between the municipality and its citizens. Meeting rooms are free for local organisations to use, and the traditional town hall cafeteria has been replaced by a publicly accessible restaurant and café.

Making the most out of the square metres it occupies, the building's design is deliberately multi-purpose. Many of its rooms have several functionalities. Examples include a cargo entrance also suited for children’s theatre and a sports centre used for professional team training at day, which can be turned into a concert hall at night⁠. While utilising the area to its fullest, this also helps create a community hub bustling with activity both day and night.

The town hall became the first public building in the Nordic region to be certified DGNB Platinum for its multifunctional design and other sustainable measures. Selected facades use green plants as solar screening, while indoor green walls enhance the indoor climate and amplify the feeling of an exchange with nature permeating the building. Green roofs, solar panels, a smart heat-recovery system, innovative materials acting as climate controller, and the low energy consumption of the complex, translate into annual operating savings of up to 12 million Danish crowns.

Skanderborg Town Hall Exterior03 Civic Culture
Skanderborg, Denmark
Hybrid mixed-use
18,424 m²
Completed in 2016
Skanderborg Municipality
2013, 1st prize in PPP competition
Bascon A/S
DGNB Platinum
Adam Mørk, Skanderborg UDV

Skanderborg Town Hall is a reimagining of the traditional town hall as an integrated part of public life. The multi-purpose approach and programming of the building is meant to ensure a steady flow of life throughout the day and night and welcome a wide range of users.

Located in a natural resort in the northern part of Skanderborg, the town hall comprises several buildings linked by an arrival hall that connect seamlessly with the natural surroundings. Part of the façade can open to the landscape, erasing the barrier between indoor and outdoor. Here the building and landscape are one. Skanderborg Town Hall was the first public building to achieve DGNB Platinum in Scandinavia. 

Skanderborg Town Hall Exterior02 Civic Culture
Skanderborg Town Hall Site Plan Civic Culture
Site plan

This generous building provides spaces which can accommodate different activities at different times of day. For instance, a sports centre which is used for professional sport activities at day but can be turned into a concert hall at night⁠.

Skanderborg Town Hall Interior04 Gym Hall Civic Culture

The building opens up to both the surrounding landscape and its users. The entire structure was designed to feel approachable for the community, with a focus on safe and comfortable arrival scenarios from several directions.

Skanderborg Town Hall Diagram03 Connectivity Civic Culture
“This project was an opportunity to create an architectural reinterpretation of the contact point between citizens and the municipality. Instead of a solitary town hall with a traditional landscape and forecourt, Skanderborg Town Hall became a place where building and landscape are one.”
– John Lassen, Founding Partner SHL
Skanderborg Town Hall Exterior01 Dusk Civic Culture