Dahlerup's Tower

Brewery to Urban Bliss

When the world-famous Danish brewery, Carlsberg, chose to relocate its beer production from Copenhagen to Fredericia in 2008, a unique opportunity arose to open up and develop a central part of the city into a new thriving neighbourhood.

The vast, enclosed industrial area was to become the 'steppingstone' between the neighbouring Valby and Vesterbro. At the same time, the residents of Copenhagen could enjoy even more of Carlsberg's culturally rich historic buildings. Carlsberg presented an ambitious vision for a forward-thinking and sustainable urban district, which identity would be based on active urban life surrounded by a dense city with mixed functions that cater to a broad group of users.

Dahlerup’s Tower and Caroline Hus address and support this idea by offering a mixed-use location, where housing, office space, retail, and dining come together as an attractive destination for visitors and residents alike.

The modern apartments in the tower span from 2 – 5 bedrooms and as they are located between the 5. and the 24. floor with large windows and balconies, they all have incredible views of the surrounding cityscape and large inflow of natural light throughout the day. Focus on creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere to support well-being among the residents has been key to the project. The activation of the ground floor levels also support a thriving neighbourhood, where urban life and social connectivity can unfold throughout the day, and throughout the different seasons.  

Dahlerups Tower Dahlerupstårn Maria Franck Residential
Copenhagen, Denmark
39,800 m2
Carlsberg Byen
1st prize in open tender
Collaborating Architect:
Holscher Norberg Architects
Landscape Architect:
Contractor & Structural Engineer:
Züblin MEP Engineering, COWI
Uniform, Cadwalk, Carlsberg Byen, Maria Franck

Dahlerup's Tower and the surrounding Caroline Hus together make up a 39,800 m² mixed-use development situated in the northwest corner of the historical Carlsberg Byen district in Copenhagen. The development spans a full city block and includes an 80-metre tower, comprising 17,000 m² of housing, 7,000 m² of offices, 2,000 m² of retail, cafés, and restaurants, and 14,000 m² of basement and parking space.

The complex is designed with emphasis on offering living spaces that support high quality of life and stimulate a thriving lively urban neighbourhood through an active ground floor plan and mix of functions.   

Once the home of the Carlsberg Brewery production plant, today Carlsberg Byen has developed into a sprawling new neighbourhood close to the city centre. 

As one of the nine towers designated in the urban development plan for the area in 2009, Dahlerup's Tower rises above Carlsberg Byen and has become part of Copenhagen's new skyline - a reference point that contributes both historically and physically to connecting the city.

Dahlerups Tower Cityscape Residential
Dahlerups Tower Dahlerups Tårn 2 Maria Franck Residential
Traces of the site's industrial past are visible throughout the neighbourhood.
Dahlerups Tower Dahlerupstårn Maria Franck Residential
Dahlerup Tower emerging among historical buildings and old trees.

The Carlsberg Brewery production plant closed in 2008, and the former industrial site, renowned for its rich architectural legacy, has since re-emerged as a new and more sustainable city district — a dense city structure with attractive urban spaces that is well-connected to public transport, where new buildings complement the existing historical structures.

Carlsberg Byen finds itself at a unique location in the city, in close proximity to green city parks in Valby and Frederiksberg, the pulsating Vesterbro and the busy city centre. The area is permeated by its industrial past and rich history, which have guided the development of the area into a new attractive neighbourhood.  

Dahlerup's Tower sits close to the famous Elephant Gates and the building creates connectivity and synergies between two of the neighbourhood’s central squares, Ottilia Jacobsens Plads and Bryggernes Plads. 

Dahlerups Tower Elefantporten Carslberg Byen Residential
Dahlerups Tower SITE ACCCESS Residential

Together with Caroline Hus, Dahlerup's Tower offers a mix of modern housing, and flexible office space, combined with retail and dining at ground floor levels, contributing to urban life around the clock.

Dahlerups Tower FUNCTIONS Residential
Dahlerups Tower Waterfall piazza autumn Residential

The sloping terrain and the historical surrounding environment offer a unique setting in what has gradually developed into a new vibrant part of the city.

The base offers spaces for retail, cafes, an office lobby, and access to the tower apartments, as well as entrances to the underground parking and bicycle parking. Emphasis has been placed on highlighting this with a subtle material differentiation compared to the rest of the commercial block. The entire base thus appears with a lively and warm corten surface that curves inwards, forming spaces at the recessed entrance areas.

Dahlerups Tower north entrance view Residential

The tower serves as a culmination of the base's façade typology. It is an extension that follows the same principles of materials, texture, rhythm, and composition but is differentiated by the technical, slimmer elements, proportions, and lightness.

In the courtyard, the tower façade is continuous from ground to top. This creates an expressive contrast between the vertical and profiled tower and the green, cosy, and terraced courtyard.

Dahlerups Tower Dahlerupgård Maria Franck Residential
Dahlerups Tower COURTYARD Residential

The basic concept for the façade design is an interpretation of the district plan, which addresses the three scales: the city, the local context (neighbourhood), and the street level.

The façades are intended to express the heavy, dark, matte, weathered, and detail-rich characteristics of the original buildings in the area in a modern, rational, efficient, sustainable, and economical manner.

The choice of façade colours, textures, and the rhythm of openings allude to the old buildings, while larger glass sections and thinner vertical and horizontal solid elements create a balanced contrast between the old and the new. Red and dark shades of bricks elegantly complement Carlsberg Byen's palette of building materials and colours.

Dahlerups Tower Interior 01 Maria Franck Residential

Modern Scandinavian-style apartments ranging from 2 - 5 bedrooms all offer impressive views of the neighbourhood and the city of Copenhagen; the lush Søndermarken park, the beautiful historic buildings, and characteristic towers and spires of the Middle-age city. The apartments all have access to one or more balconies and large floor to ceiling windows allow for an abundance of daylight to enter the spaces creating a comfortable atmosphere and well-being among the residents.   

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Dahlerups Tower Living room sunset Residential
Dahlerups Tower SHL Circle Piazza 01 Residential
Dahlerups Tower bedroom Residential

Given the tower residents' direct views of the neighboring Caroline Hus rooftops, special attention has been devoted to these surfaces. Specifically, on the 3rd and 4th floors facing north, these roofs are primarily equipped with wooden-decked rooftop terraces designed for commercial use. In contrast, other rooftops are embellished with extensive green sedum coverings and equipped with solar panels to the greatest possible extent. Additionally, above the parking garage, there is a green semi-public courtyard.

The thoughtful rooftop design not only enhances the buildings' aesthetic appeal but also offers a more inviting and environmentally conscious alternative to the typical view of traditional rooftops to create a more pleasant and sustainable urban landscape.

Dahlerups Tower GREEN ROOFS Residential
Dahlerups Tower Dahlerups Tårn historic Maria Franck Residential
Dahlerups Tower Dahlerups Tårn foggy Maria Franck Residential