West Shanghai Workers Cultural Palace

Shanghai/ China

Size/ 120,000 m²
Client/ Shanghai Labour Union/ Shanghai Putuo District Government
Local Architect/ ECADI (EAST China Architectural Design & Research Institute)

Built in 1959, the original West Shanghai Workers’ Cultural Palace occupies a prominent site in the centre of Shanghai, serving the union workers and local community as a popular cultural centre for the last five decades. The new scheme preserves, expands and transforms an existing park on the site into an inviting 6-hectare public space around a central lake.

The four multi functional towers are placed along the lakeside sitting on an interlinked plinth of cultural functions.

At lower levels, cultural and activity functions include a performance theatre, a training and education center plus art and exhibition spaces, all designed as open and transparent spaces. Public will have easy access to these facilities from the park and the main street.

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