The Spinning Mills

Vejle/ Denmark

Size/ 12,000 m²
Cost/ € 9.6 million excl. VAT
Competition/ 2006, 1st prize in invited international competition
Status/ Construction 2008 – 2009
Client/ Vejle Municipality/ Realdania Funds
Engineer/ NIRAS A/S
Landscape architect/ Jeppe Aagaard Andersen ApS

The Spinning Mills in Vejle is one of a few original and unspoiled industrial building complexes that has preserved its original structure and unique industrial expression. The regeneration project’s design aims to preserve the cultural value of the site whilst introducing a contemporary feel to the buildings and the surrounding area. A unifying feature of the regeneration is the use of surfaces and materials. Additional new facilities include a multi-purpose hall, meeting rooms and a café.

It was identified very early in the project that both the exterior and interior of the building should continue to tell the history of the industrialisation of Vejle, while meeting the requirements of the new functions.

The renovation of the Spinning Mills is today the setting of a popular, cultural meeting place, where artists and creative businesses unfold along with a museum and a theatre.

The existing fragmented context of the industrial buildings is maintained, reconfigured and combined, creating a green symbiosis between cultural, commercial and city life.

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