The New Malt Factory

Ebeltoft/ Denmark

Size/ 4.400 m²
Competition/ 2nd Prize 2016
Status/ Competition proposal
Client/ Syddjurs Kommune/ Nymalt
Landscape architect/ VOGT (Basel)
Engineer/ Søren Jensen Rådgivende Ingeniører
Other collaborators/ Stouby og Thøgersen

Right in the heart of Ebeltoft stands a former malt factory. Some years ago, this red industrial building – dating back to 1861– was to be demolished and replaced by a modern shopping centre. But luckily, a group of visionaries saw potential in the old building and raised enough money to buy back the factory. They had a dream - The Malt Factory reinvented as a cultural centre: with a microbrewery, creative workspaces, live music, youth culture, visual arts/exhibitions/crafts, artists in residence, a library, a museum and much more.

The Malt Factory is the town's landmark. It stands proud defining its own edge towards the sea. With a castle like shape, the building becomes a symbol, a significant place.

The addition of the new library and the archive unite all the building functions under the same roof. This composition combining old and new elements, creates synergy between the different user groups.

The Malt Factory also has a youth centre – a place for the young to meet, create, host events and hang out.

The building is accessible and the layout is open, making the first floor an ideal place for contemplation towards the spectacular sea view.

The Malt Factory was designed to become a cultural hub for the area, bringing together craftsmanship and creativity.

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