Sports and Culture Campus Gellerup

Gellerup/ Denmark

Building area/ 8,500 m²
Competition/ 2017, 1st prize in competition
Status/ Completed 2021
Client/ Aarhus Municipality/ Brabrand Boligforening
Collaborating architect/ Loop Architects
Landscape architect/ MASU Planning ApS
Engineer/ COWI A/S
Photo/ Laura Stamer
Awards/ 2022, IFLA’s Public Library of the Year nominee

Located in a community in western Aarhus that is seeing an influx of redevelopment and revitalisation, the sprawling Gellerup Sports and Culture Campus comprises community spaces including a library, facilities for people living in Gellerup, a playful activity house for circus, soccer, school and climbing – and potentially a unique public swimming pool. The multi-use community project is a key component of the revitalisation of the Gellerup district and is an inspiring, welcoming and open destination for city residents and visitors.

Located in the western part of Aarhus Kommune, Gellerup is the city’s most culturally diverse district with residents relocating to the neighbourhood from all corners of the globe.

The design presents an inviting building structure that breaks up the city’s existing boxy grid with an open, flowing layout that strengthens community ties, neighbourhood democracy and cohesion.

The architecture supports openness and creates space for people to meet each other by overlapping buildings and spaces in an intuitive way.

When designing the campus, our intention was to create a welcoming place that is open and relevant for the local community, while also appealing to residents from across Aarhus and the world.

In a community as diverse as Gellerup, it has been of great importance to create a new campus that offers a democratic place that is friendly, unpretentious and easy to move through so that it encourages use by every member of the district and interaction between people of all walks of life.

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