Eureka Quarter

Oslo/ Norway

Size/ 87,000 m²
Competition/ 1st prize, invited international competition 2015
Client/ Storebrand Eiendom AS

The 87,000 m² masterplan in the area of Skøyen in central Oslo will become a unifying urban development icon. It will draw a new skyline and a versatile reflection of city life by combining the diversity of the existing area as well as creating a connection to Oslo fjord. The plan will include a hotel and conference centre, housing, cafes and retail areas, offices and a day-care centre evoking a strong sense of community and urban life.

Skøyen is a neighbourhood of Oslo, Norway located in the western part of the city. The unique site, located along the main street Hoffsveien and adjacent to the river Hoffselva, creates dialogue with the site, linking neighbourhood and nature.

The proposal turns the building’s various functions and the site’s complex topography into the focal point of the project. Stairs for sitting, sloping surfaces, openings between building levels, the cuttings, the urban landscape and the atrium courtyards will all help to create new connections between the building and urban life, and will add a whole new dynamic to this historic part of Oslo.

The scheme is rational with a clear "main street" network connected across North-South and East-West directions, dividing the site into clearly readable blocks.

Within these fields, we are working with high-rise and open block structures, generating internal passageways, shortcuts, and promenades, and making room for an extra layer in the street hierarchy. The design is flexible due to future demands for changing use and functions.

Eureka Quarter will establish a democratic modern architecture for all the citizens of Skøyen and Oslo. With materials that will stand the test of time, Eureka Kvarteret represents a long-term commitment to the city.

Eureka Quarter aims for BREEAM Excellent certification where the design concept operates with measurable C2C goals in areas of flexibility, adaption to climate change, ecological value and biodiversity. When the development is complete, Eureka Quarter will be a sustainable landmark for the city of Oslo.

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