Skanderborg Town Hall

Skanderborg/ Denmark

Size/ 18,424 m²
2013, 1st prize in PPP competition
Completed in 2016
Skanderborg Municipality
Bascon A/S
Landscape architect/
Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects
Sustainability/ DGNB Platinum
Photo/ Adam Mørk/ Skanderborg UDV

Skanderborg Town Hall represents a new holistic building typology that brings civic, recreational, and administration functions together under one roof. The town hall set a new standard in April 2017 when it became the first building in Denmark to be certified DGNB Platinum. The 18,000-square-metre complex houses a police station, a citizen service centre, a double hall for sporting events and concerts, and administrative facilities for the municipality.

The town hall is located in a natural resort in the northern part of Skanderborg, Denmark. It comprises several buildings linked by an arrival hall that connects seamlessly with the natural surroundings. Here the building and landscape are one.

To become the first public building in the Nordic region to be certified DGNB Platinum, several sustainable measures were incorporated into the design. The town hall boasts optimized use of daylight, natural ventilation, and an efficient building envelope. Selected facades use green plants as solar screening, while indoor green walls increase biodiversity and enhance the indoor climate.

Green roofs, solar panels, a smart heat-recovery system, innovative materials acting as climate controller, and the low energy consumption of the complex, translate into annual operating savings of up to 12 million Danish crowns.

The flexible interior design of the administration centre provides a dynamic working environment.

The sports centre consists of a double hall that can be divided into two handball courts.

A part of the double sports hall’s façade can open to the landscape for events that erase the barrier between indoor and outdoor.

The outdoor parking for 1,000 vehicles is designed as a paved, undulating landscape with small rolling hills.

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