Pier C Copenhagen Airport

Copenhagen/ Denmark

Size/ 6,300 m2
Cost/ €23 mill. excl. VAT
Status/ Completed in 2015
Client/ CPH Airport/ Københavns Lufthavne A/S
Engineer/ Moe A/S

As one of the largest hubs in Northern Europe, Copenhagen Airport has experienced an increase in passenger growth. The expansion to Pier C is a key element within the airport's growth strategy for non-European and long-haul traffic, making room for the world’s largest passenger airliner – the Airbus A380. The 6,300 m2 expansion houses three new gates and lounges. It offers a new interpretation of the existing airport design, innovation of passenger flow and logistics, where the principle of 'nudging' has played an important role.

In order to provide the best possible framework for handling the planes, a building with a minimum number of columns and very large spans was needed, leading to a more distinct and untraditional airport architecture. We have challenged the traditional gate design by designing the building in a butterfly shape. The black rectangular two-storey building has cut-ins in both sides, which leaves room for the aircrafts to gate very close to the building's windows.

Via our friends at Republic of Fritz Hansen take a look at our new Pier C expansion at Copenhagen Airport! Architect Nanna Wohlfeldt explains the concept behind the design.

The facade is black with black trapezoidal plates that cover the windows creating a gentle light inside the lounge, except at the large windows in the cut-ins where daylight flows freely allowing a dramatic view to the aircrafts outside. The grand circular lights are the building’s DNA defining the spatial waiting area and draws reference to the original airport design in Terminal 2.

Pier C has been selected as one of the Best on Archilovers 2015 & the most ‘loved’ out of the works published that year.

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