Office Tower Warsaw

Warsaw/ Poland

Size/ 60,000 m²
Competition/ 2011, Invited international competition
Status/ Planned for construction
Client/ UBS Real Estate Kapitalanlagegesellschaft mbH
Landscape Architect/ Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects
Engineer/ Arup

The 188 meter office tower is situated in the financial district of central Warsaw. The 60,000 m² high-rise is to replace the existing ‘Ilmet’ building and will stand out as a modern landmark clearly identifiable in the Warsaw skyline by its unique elegant shape and appearance. The building will also provide tenants not only with a high class office space but furthermore with one of a kind urban integrated lobby, combining everything from retail to public transportation. It will be a new distinctive feature in the Warsaw skyline while at the same time capturing the full potential of the outstanding historic location.

The building consists of three individually stepped rectangular volumes with increasing heights towards the east reaching 188m at the highest peak.

At street level the tower stunningly opens up to Warsaw, welcoming people to experience the diverse and relaxing atmosphere of the development.

The façades create a subtle rhythm in the cityscape by slightly shifting inwards and outwards, and the inclined rooflines preserve optimal light conditions for the adjacent buildings.

The lobby at street level, with its spectacular shaped ceiling, corresponds with the sloping shapes of the rooftops, making the building perceive as a sculptural object. The open lobby allows the people of Warsaw to pass into and through the building, connecting the plaza and park in front of the building with the courtyards of the historical tenement houses to the south.

Due to holistic approach of analysing each building element in order to optimize the individual performance, the new office tower will be able to qualify for the highest levels of international sustainability certifications as BREEAM Excellent and LEED Platinum status.

The office space provided in the new tower is spectacular by its location and the usage of natural daylight. It is highly efficient because of the structural set up and floor plan usability, multifunctional by state of the art technical services and provides long term flexibility by intelligent façade and supply adaptability.

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