Ningbo Home of Staff

Ningbo/ China

Size/ 104,000 m²
Competition/ 1st prize, invited international competition 2013
Status/ Construction 2014–2018
Client/ Ningbo Labour Union/ City of Ningbo
Local architect/ NADI (Ningbo Architecture Design Institute)
Local landscape Architect/ NUCI (Ningbo Union Construction Design Institute)
Photo/ Marc Goodwin

The Home of Staff has an eclectic mix of functions, split across two separate buildings and linked by a landscape park stretching over 500m. The Ningbo Labour Union sees the complex as a second home for the members they represent. It provides support, health, education, and leisure facilities for almost 3 million members. It also contains arts and performance area, sports facilities and offices – all built on a base of commercial retail and exhibition space.

The Home of Staff entails a series of stepped building volumes that are linked by a landscape, which rises from a central public park to become accessible green roof terraces.

From the air, the volumes appear like a pixelated image, which rises up at each end and form two individual buildings that are connected by a sunken walkway and a series of park pavilions.

The cultural functions of the building include a 3-screen cinema, 1,200-seat performing arts venue, exhibition hall, Union Staff arts club and service centre, and training facilities.

The project sits at the centre of Ningbo New East Town on the edge of an ecological wetland area forming the new cultural hub of the city.

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