Ningbo Daily Newspaper Group HQ

Ningbo/ China

Size/ 123,170 m²
Competition/ 2012, 1st prize in Restricted Invited Competition
Status/ Construction 2012 – 2018
Client/ Ningbo Daily Group
Engineer/ DS Plan/ Stuttgart & Shanghai
Photo/ Marc Goodwin/ Hedy [email protected] Studio
Awards/ Gold Award 2018 for Best Design at Innovative China

The new headquarters for Ningbo Daily Newspaper Group sits at the heart of the new East Town development of the city, immediately north of the main government centre that forms the core of the new master plan. The HQ will become home to six newspaper groups, with a dedicated international conference centre, leisure facilities, library and archives, and a specific VIP administration and entertainment level.

A unifying veil-like facade of vertical fins envelopes the entire building creating an abstract form which stands as a monolithic object when viewed from a distance, yet an open and delicate building when viewed up close.

The building stands as a modern and simple volumetric composition. The massing is broken down to create a series of external courtyards that address a newly created public plaza to the west, and a new green park facing the river and the green corridor to the east.

The upper section is cantilevered to create more open space at street level, to provide self-shading to the east and west facades and to create a strong identity for the newspaper.

The scheme ties all spaces around a single generous green atrium and a network of external green terraces. Internal work spaces are organised simply and efficiently with thin floor plates allowing maximum daylight penetration.

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