Helsingborg Hospital

Helsingborg/ Sweden

Size/ 46,000 m²
Competition/ 2013, 1st Prize in restricted competition
Status/ Under construction
Client/ Region Skåne, Regionservice (Sweden)
Partner architect/ Aarhus Arkitekterne (now part of LINK arkitektur)
Sub-consultant/ NNE Pharmaplan
Landscape Architect/ Kragh & Berglund Stockholm

The extension of Helsingborg Hospital is designed as a single building, whose architecture relates both to the existing hospital and the surrounding city. The building houses three areas of activity: the out-patient clinic and laboratories in the lower and compact levels of the building, while the top levels containing the psychiatric ward open up to a more transparent structure. Key to the whole design has been flexibility, a clear layout, variety, human scale, green courtyards and optimal conditions for daylight.

The new extension has a uniform sculptural expression, which adapts to the various functionality needs and at the same time corresponds with the scale of the surrounding buildings.

The building is flexible and sustainable with regards to future demands for changing use and functions.

On December 7th, 2015 the Regional Chairman Henrik Fritzon, Helena Skjeld, Service Director, Björn Zackrisson, Administration Director Skånevård SUND, Jesper Göransson, President and CEO of Peab and Yvonne Augustin and Regional Council and President of the medical service Sund celebrated the ground-breaking ceremony.

The new design has the double function of a dynamic urban street with a fine net of intersections, squares and views to green courtyards.

In the psychiatric ward, the emphasis is on an environment that allows for both relaxation and stimulation.

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