Boulevardhuset Frederiksberg

Copenhagen/ Denmark

Size/ 1,000 m²
Status/ Completion October 2019
Client/ ER Invest
Contractor/ R&M
Engineer/ Hamiconsult A/S
Photo/ Adam Mørk/ René Frandsen

Boulevardhuset, located in the heart of Copenhagen, is a 6-storey, 1,000-square-metre complex offering 11 spacious apartments, 47-square-metre office space on the ground floor level, a basement for storage, balconies, and an isolated-from-traffic-noise green courtyard which houses a centenary beech tree. The scheme for the complex is a distinctive copper and brick façade integrating innovative noise reduction technology that blends seamlessly in with the neighbouring buildings and surrounding city landscape, adding character and identity to the area.

Boulevardhuset is a residential project situated bordering the Northern neighbourhood of Nørrebro and the independent municipality of Frederiksberg.

What makes Boulevardhuset unique is how architects and engineers devised a solution to overcome the noise generated by the city’s busiest and most congested road near bustling metro lines. The reduction of excessive city noise makes Boulevardhuset a quieter and calmer place which helps to boost comfort, convenience and safety for the people living in the complex.

The complex’ design locates public spaces and amenities that could tolerate noise in the areas of the floor plate that would be closer to the traffic, such as the rentable office space on the lower level, while the apartment's layout locates bedrooms and relaxation spaces opposite the street.

The building’s footprint serves as a noise cancellation screen between the traffic and the quieter green backyard area which provide and outdoor acoustical privacy.

In addition, floor-to-ceiling windows are installed to maximize natural light allowing it to penetrate deeper into the space and movable, acoustic, sliding shutters provide effective protection against noise on the streets and other disruptive sounds.

To design a building amongst an already existing residential settlement requires a comprehensive choice of materials where the surrounding traces are preserved and still serve as a catalyst for identity.

Materials such as corten steel and brick with a sharp, minimalist look are added to the complex structure.

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