Copenhagen/ Denmark

Size/ 58,600 m²
Cost/ 1.365 mia DKK (ex. architect fee and VAT)
Competition/ 2017 competition proposal
Client/ Region Hovedstaden
Collaborating architect/ CREO Arkitekter/ Tredje Natur
Landscape architect/ Tredje Natur
Engineer/ MOE A/S
Collaborators/ Keingart/ Smith Innovation

BørneRiget - Children’s Hospital Copenhagen, will be a building that sets new standards for the treatment of children, adolescents, pregnant women and their families. Our goal was to create a building, which can serve as a “center of excellence”, where treatment and care are approached from a family perspective, and with children and adolescent's ability to play and learn as an active part of the patient flow.

'BørneRiget' is the working title for a new approximately 58,000 square meter wing, on Rigshospitalet's plot, in collaboration with The Capital Region of Denmark and the Ole Kirk Foundation.

Our vision was simply to create a hospital for children and families that sets new standards in two key areas – patient care and the interplay between architecture, organization and operations. The new hospital will accord equal focus to treatment, research and training while striving to be the best in all three.

Children do not stop playing simply because they fall ill. The play is, therefore, an integrated part of design, life, and experience. This entails not only providing play areas and playtime but ensuring that play is fully merged into the entire treatment process.

Our proposal is to consolidate all child patient care at Rigshospitalet in an area dedicated to children aged between 0 and 18. Maternity wards and beds for pregnant women and women in labour are to be grouped together in order to achieve logical treatment synergy and exchange of experience. This will make Rigshospitalet an international centre of excellence, drawing patients and qualified staff from the whole of the Nordic region.

The new hospital will offer patients and relatives a secure environment with seamless continuity of care. For doctors and staff, the new complex holds the promise of a new level of integration and synergy.

There is space where the hospital can share its professional competencies with educational institutions, research departments, and the wider business community.

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