We believe that architecture creates change. We strive to design buildings that meet the challenges of a modern society; that shape the lives of people and organisations; that make people come together in new ways.

We strongly believe that a building revolves around people and is not merely an architectural shape. Architecture should be closely integrated with its surroundings in careful consideration of its functions and social context, thereby enhancing and heightening quality of life. Depending on the task and the context, the objective of our architecture is to allow each new building to make a positive contribution to the built environment, to the city, to the landscape, and to the human community.

We focus on quality, and design emotional value between people and space. We embrace the idea that architecture at its best creates unique, indefinable emotions and values from form, space, light and materials. We create architecture with a powerful, straightforward and significant attitude.

We know how to deal with complex architecture. Alongside our collaborators we develop entire sustainable solutions that benefit the environment, the users and the overall economy. Working many years on cultural buildings, office buildings, residential, mixed use and masterplanning, we are used to solving complex and contradictive issues.

We design using local manufacturing and labour where possible, whilst striving for reductions in running costs by utilising passive solutions, optimising natural ventilation, providing local controls and reclaiming heat. We optimise the use of daylight, saving on electricity and maximise the reduction of waste through the reduction of ground works and off site production.

Approach to BIM

Sustainability and Building Information Modelling (BIM) go hand in hand, we've been working with BIM since 2007 and now execute all our major projects with the use of BIM. We continuously research in order to find more efficient ways of executing BIM technology as part of our design process. Internally it is used to develop and validate the design of our buildings with the use of sustainable analyses and simulations, which allows us to optimize documentation of the project for construction. Externally BIM is used on all organization levels to communicate the design which in turns enables a smoother decision making process. This results in a better-coordinated collaboration with fewer errors. For us its hugely important that our client’s operation and maintenance needs for their building will be achieved. Therefore, we facilitate the dialog with clients and related stakeholders to clarify and define the scope of information and data which need to be successfully handed over on delivery of the project, for better and lower cost facility management.


We have established a reputation for devising truly sustainable solutions across a broad spectrum of building typologies. Adopting a holistic approach, we believe that the basis of sustainable design is an understanding of every component that will deliver a healthy and enduring building, a building in which people will feel comfortable – both physically and socially. In our view, sustainable design is about adding value. Based on a rigorous analysis of context, core function, possibilities for flexibility over time, orientation and appropriateness of scale and grain, we seek to design buildings in tune with their context and resonant of a sense of place.

We employ in-house experts in all major building certification systems, BREEAM International Assessors, LEED Accredited Professionals, DGNB International and DGNB Denmark Consultants and Cradle to Cradle trained professionals, offering certification processes and benchmarking for our clients projects. These expertise enable us to evaluate the sustainability and “green performance” of a building and give a profound understanding of the interaction of the different sustainable parameters.

Working with Artists

We believe that great things can happen when an artist and architect have the opportunity to collaborate from the outset on a given project. We always try to ensure that each project enshrines the possibility for a real collaborative effort. Where possible, we like to explore the relationship between art, design and architecture.

ARoS Aarhus Museum of Art is a great example of a constant evolving art experience . At ARoS the dialogue between client, architect and artist has been a continuous process. We worked with the Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson to install “Your Rainbow Panorama” a permanent walkable artwork that hovers like a luminous circle linking the museum roof and the Aarhus skyline. ARoS continues its ambitious expansion plan with “The Next Level “ an exciting collaboration with World renowned American artist James Turrell. A unique light installation which will appear as an integral part of the architecture.