We design buildings that shape lives for generations to come

Our design of buildings, products and masterplans revolve around people – the way they move, the way they play, the way they live. We design spaces that enhance the quality of life through careful consideration of function, social context and environmental impact. By recognizing the profound effect our design has on people’s lives and our shared resources, we strive to embed outstanding, long-lasting quality in our work — to create new possibilities for our current society, while protecting the interests of generations to come.

For our common future/

We consider social and environmental sustainability a creative challenge. Understanding that most buildings are demolished due to a lack of cultural relevance and flexibility, we consider futureproofing to be both a social and technical enterprise. An understanding of the methods and materials that will deliver a healthy and enduring building lies at the basis of our investigations. We do not just seek to sustain our current way of life but to instigate a more positive future.

Beyond certifications/

We see sustainability as a systemic challenge to be explored with curiosity, creativity and focus. We employ in-house experts in all major building certification systems, BREEAM International Assessors, LEED Accredited Professionals, DGNB International and DGNB Denmark Consultants and Cradle to Cradle trained professionals. Rather than simply satisfying certification benchmarks, we form an ambitious vision for a positive outcome with clients, stakeholders and specialists, and preserve these goals through all the design phases and delivery.

Design process innovation/

We believe that the ongoing technological shift within the construction industry can profoundly change the way we build our cities. Through the development and application of digital practices and analysis methods we can improve quality, enhance collaboration and accelerate the project delivery process. Our in-house R&D-department provides real-time, data-driven tools and insights to our design workflows, enabling us to efficiently handle the increasing complexity of today’s society.

Quality through co-creation/

Ensuring long-lasting quality through collaborative design processes is fundamental to our approach. We invite our clients, users and collaborators into open design sessions; as we believe that the best ideas arise from collectives of people from different backgrounds meeting in an open and trusting forum. Leveraging years of experience and research, we curate, develop and refine their insights, using our expertise to ensure extraordinary and resilient design solutions.

Working with artists/

We redefine the relationship between people and architecture through our collaborations with artists. At ARoS Aarhus Museum of Art, we work with James Turrell on “The Next Level”, an extension comprising a subterranean gallery space and the congregational centrepiece of “The Dome” standing at fifteen metres high, with a diameter of 40 metres. The central oculus creates an unimpeded view of the sky, connecting the earthly with the heavenly and the senses with the mind and thought. Acting on the boundary between art, design and architecture, we create modern landmarks that are more than symbols, but actors in our daily lives.