Andersen Garden


Size/ 93,000 m²
Competition/ International competition 2003
Status/ Completed in 2009
Client/Beijing Xingtai Real Estate Development Co Ltd, Super Shine

Landscape architect/ Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects
Engineer/ Beijing Chengjian Design and Research Institute

Andersen Garden is a 93,000 m² residential, commercial and leisure complex in Beijing. The sequence of six slender blocks clad in white Chinese granite are placed on a ‘sculpted’ green plinth, housing retail areas and connections to local infrastructure and parking. Glazed circulation cores link the towers, creating a sense of transparency. The individual units follow the classic style of Chinese courtyard houses in the historic quarter of Beijing, where accommodation is arranged around an inner court. In this scheme, the living area becomes the inner ‘court’ with accommodation arranged around this space, obviating the need for hallways.

At ground level, the green base forms a lightly undulating plaza, providing residents with access to recreational areas, designated as ‘community clubs’. The upper part of the plinth forms a sunny west-facing parkland area.

Orientation accentuates daylight access and view to the Bahe River and the green spaces beyond.

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