International Student Competition – Drawing of the Year 2020

The Aarhus School of Architecture’s highly anticipated Drawing of the Year competition that invites architectural students from around the world to submit entries that “celebrate the art and skill of traditional representation methods” has been announced, and we are proud to be a presenting partner.


Partner Kasper Heiberg Frandsen will serve as a jury member of the eighth annual international competition themed “Hand Me A Drawing.” The theme demands for handmade sketches and drawings seen as the bones of any architectural design, expressing and combining the interaction between the architect’s mind, hands and eyes. The competition aims to “explore how artistic drawing continues to advance and qualify the art of architecture today.” In the light of the global Corona crisis, proposals that not only revive the hand drawing but also contribute to knowledge on how the world moves on from here are encouraged.


Drawings can be submitted no later than November 1st 2020 at 12.00 noon (CET).


Drawing of the Year is a collaboration between Aarhus School of Architecture, Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects, VOLA and the Danish Arts Foundation. Read more information about the Drawing of the Year 2020 competition and the jury here.


Sketch: Dokk1 in Aarhus, Denmark by Partner and Design Director Kim Holst Jensen


Christchurch Central Library awarded five-star green award by the New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC)

Christchurch’s Central Library has become one of a few public buildings in New Zealand to be awarded a top environmental building award. The 9,500-square-metre modern library located in Christchurch’s historic Cathedral Square has been awarded a five-star Green Custom Design Certified Rating from the New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC). This recognition praises the building’s eco-friendly design, the project’s excellence of energy and water use, its indoor environmental quality, the reduced environmental impact during its construction process and the sustainable materials used in its creation.


Some of the sustainable features of the project include a 72% reduction in energy use (127kWh/m²/annum), an estimate of 20% reduction in water use, a 73% lighting power reduction, a three-Green star rating for thermal comfort and an efficient daylight utilization achieving maximum energy efficiency among others.


Christchurch City Council has set itself the goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2030. It has a resource efficiency and greenhouse gas emission policy, as well as a programme of work to help achieve that goal. Christchurch Central Library is an example of the Council’s commitment to being energy efficient and to reducing operational greenhouse gas emissions.


Read more about the visually stunning symbol of hope, unity, and rebirth that has fundamentally changed the way residents and visitors experience Christchurch’s city centre here.


Head of Innovation Enlai Hooi talks “Architects & Waste” at [email protected] in Copenhagen

How do we as architects respond to the challenges of waste generation and reduction?


Head of Innovation Enlai Hooi will be a keynote speaker joining fellow architects, designers, and other thought leaders at the upcoming [email protected] exhibition and seminar in Copenhagen, Denmark next Wednesday, September 9 at 11:30 AM.


Enlai’s lecture will explore three aspects of waste tied to the modern architectural profession such as the building industry, engineering and construction, the architecture’s role in the cultural narrative and how quality is better achieved through a process rather than excess labour.


For more information about the event, visit [email protected].


“Living Closer” – A vision for better living

Two of Schmidt Hammer Lassen’s talented architects – Gaia Cella and Giancarlo Gastaldin – were awarded the second prize at the internal 2020 Phil Freelon Design Competition aimed at encouraging innovative solutions to society’s most pressing issues.


The winning team presented a new visionary living hub to facilitate and enhance the interactions of residents and their behavioural roles towards their community. “Living closer, a better way to live together” adds to the conversation about how architecture can shape our living, rethink business models and unlock the potential of a circular economy.


The architectural proposal that prioritized cross-generational living in New York, Denver, and Los Angeles, resonated with the competition judges: “I would love to believe that we actually see ourselves living together, instead of creating hermetically sealed silos that I think [current models of] affordable housing [do] all too well,” said juror Rochelle Dynes Mills, President & CEO at Innovative Housing Opportunities, Inc. (IHO), a California–based development company specializing in affordable housing.


For more information about the project, visit www.perkinswill.com.


Mads Kaltoft speaks at Build in Wood conference

Partner Mads Kaltoft will speak about “Architecture and Timber – Acoustics and Indoor Climate” at the Build in Wood conference on August 26 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Mads will take the attendees through our studio’s journey and experience in timber-based projects, from a full timber construction at Framehouse, an office building in Dragør, to timber interiors at IBC Innovation Factory in Kolding. His talk will also focus on how we apply research, post-occupancy studies, and project experience to address the challenges of acoustics and other indoor climate issues when working with timber.


More details and a full program can be found here.


Scanport Glasværk celebrates topping out

This week Partner Mads Kaltoft gave remarks at the topping-out ceremony for Scanport Glasværk, a new 4,400-square-metre office building located in one of the most international business districts of the Nordic region. The project, which focuses on well-being, minimal environmental impact, and the creation of a new urban destination in the region, has a flexible building program that accommodates future changes in the tenant’s strategic needs. Inside, a high intake of natural daylight puts the health and wellbeing of workers and visitors at the centre.


The topping-out ceremony was hosted by the developer Skanska together with contractor KPC.


The new Scanport Glasværk is expected to complete next year.


Scanport Glasværk is part of the new Scanport complex which comprises a mix of domiciles and multi-user houses together with the newly Schmidt Hammer Lassen-designed Scandic Hotel. You can follow all news related to the complex here.


New documentary examines the psychological, emotional, and societal implications of opening Anstalten correctional facility in Nuuk, Greenland

This week DR-Danmarks Radio debuted “Udsigten – den hårdeste straf” (The View – The Harshest Punishment), a documentary that follows the construction of Greenland’s new correctional facility in Nuuk.


We spent eight years with our partners at Friis & Moltke designing the setting for punishment and progressive rehabilitation, with the inmates’ and personnel’s wellbeing at the center.


The documentary is a powerful, moving glimpse into the implications of opening a new correctional facility and its effect not only on the inmates, but also on their families and their communities.


To learn more about the new correctional facility’s architecture, visit shl.dk/new-correctional-facility.


Watch the full documentary here, available to watch until September 15, 2020.


Associate Partner Masahiro Katsume to lecture at JaNAS virtual workshop

Japan and Nordic Architectural Studies (JaNAS) is an online design program offering Japanese and Nordic architectural students an opportunity to learn and exchange social backgrounds and architectural cultures and use varied online tools to design and communicate.


As a part of its workshop series, Associate Partner Masahiro Katsume will serve as a lecturer and mentor for the students’ project proposals focused on the theme of “waterfront at the heart”, a design concept familiar to the coastal capitals of Copenhagen and Tokyo. As a mentor, Masahiro will review the students’ work, as well as lecture about Schmidt Hammer Lassen’s body of work, our approach to waterfront developments, and Danish design traditions.


For more information and lecture updates follow JaNAS here.


The centerpiece of Prague’s business district transformation

River City Prague (RCP) is an office development located in the attractive and most influential business district in Prague, Czech Republic.


RCP will become a workplace of the future, an environment that promotes well-being, boosts employee efficiency and empowers workforce productivity. Moreover, the project’s layout has been tailored to specifically serve various models of operation by accommodating future changes in the tenant’s strategic needs.


RCP will be a sustainable workplace targeting LEED Platinum certification. The office space is fully optimised to appeal to the needs of the next generation that seeks a positive work environment and helps tenants attract and retain the brightest young talent.


Construction has begun and RCP is expected to complete during 2021. In the meantime, learn more about the project here.

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