China Mobile YRD (Nanjing) Technology Innovation Center breaks ground

China Mobile Yangtze River Delta (Nanjing) Technology Innovation Center in Nanjing, China has broken ground on January 19th. In collaboration with Perkins&Will we won the design of the masterplan, architecture, interior, and landscape scheme for the entire innovation park, marking Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects third cooperation with China Mobile.


Situated at the heart of Jiangbei District of Nanjing, China Mobile Yangtze River Delta (Nanjing) Technology Innovation Center covers an area of 41 acres. It will become an incubator for the research of 6G communication, intelligent connections, intelligent hardware, chip module, IoT, blockchain, machine intelligence, AI, digital content, and other innovative industries. The project includes several mixed-use office buildings, two R&D buildings as cloud computing labs, and additions.


Inspired by the city’s magnificent ancient walls and overhang roofs, the architecture contains solid bases representing both China Mobile and Nanjing’s traditions as well as offering flexible office space that symbolizes China Mobile IoT industry park’s prospect.


Two schemes recommended to form a combined vision for the future development of Vridsløselille prison site

Together with landscape architects BOGL, we aim to design a new district which will attract new residents and activity to the city of Albertslund. Driving west of the city, just 15 kilometres from central Copenhagen, a site with a former correctional facility and a stretch of other historical buildings along the area emerge. The site has for many years been a closed enclave, and the aim is, therefore, to open up the area towards the city.


Vridsløselille, a 160,000-square-metre district, will become a natural extension of Albertslund and its main thoroughfares. The flexible scheme will draw city life to the area where green parks and residential complexes are intertwined creating a strong synergy while making way for a variety of building typologies, urban qualities and common facilities. The new urban area will create new connections and destinations in Albertslund, focused on creating activated green spaces, urban farming as well as movement and sports facilities. Important connections, sightlines, and local identity will be maintained and enhanced. The main focus is laying the foundation for a healthy and social lifestyle with a broad spectrum of common areas and green spaces.


Ahead are several years of close cooperation with Freja Ejendomme and The Municipality of Albertslund until local plans are approved. Architectural studio COBE is the other team selected for Vridsløselille’s redevelopment. For more information (in Danish), visit Freja Ejendomme.


You can also read more about our scheme for Vridsløselille here.


Shaping workplaces of the future after COVID-19

On December 9, Head of Workplace Strategy Helle Nøhr Holmstrøm will be speaking at “Facilities for future workplaces” (Faciliteter til fremtiden arbejdsplads), an event part of Dansk Facilities Management’s online seminar.


Helle will talk about how COVID-19 affects the way our workplaces and their facilities will look like in the future due to an increased need for flexibility. With her many years of experience within space planning and workplace strategy, Helle is focused on the constellation of people, strategy, and place as prerequisites for creating well-being, efficiency, and healthy workflows for businesses of all sizes.


Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the seminar will be held online from 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM (CET). Find more information, registration and the full program here.


Photo by Laura Stamer


James Turrell & The Next Level – While we are waiting

The Next Level expansion project is leading art towards new ways of expressions and content with an exciting collaboration with World-famous American artist, James Turrell. While we wait for the extension’s completion, the museum presents, for the first time, material documenting the evolution of the project and introduces the artist behind The Dome, in words, works, and pictures.


Having finalised the finances and ensured political back-up for the project, ARoS Museum of Art was, in July, able to make public the realisation of the museum’s extension. Before the project goes ahead, a presentation of it will take place in the ARoS Focus gallery on level 5. The audience will have an opportunity to see materials and sketches showing the original ideas and brand-new visualizations of the project.


You can read ARoS Museum of Art’s official press release (in Danish) here.


And learn more about the project here.


New visuals by FORBESMASSIE


An architect’s view on the benefits of using timber

On Monday, December 7 Partner Kasper Heiberg Frandsen will speak at TRÆdagen 2020 conference about the architect’s perspective on the benefits of using timber. The event, organized by Molio – Byggeriets Videnscenter, will take place in HUSET Middelfart, Denmark.


For more than two decades, we have integrated wood in the design of cultural, civic, commercial, and educational buildings over the world. Our approach to timber construction is rooted in a culture of sustainability and smart business – we believe that timber exists where these two notions intersect. Kasper will take the public through the journey of building in wood and will talk about the benefits of using timber as a sustainable material that can be used for constructive systems, facades, roofing and interior fit-out. He will also highlight two of Schmidt Hammer Lassen’s works, IBC Innovation Factory in Kolding and Framehouse in Dragør, Denmark, as project examples which wholeheartedly embrace the use of wood.


For more information (in Danish) about the event, program and registration, visit MOLIO.


Sveinung Chercka-Simonsen speaks High-Performance Facades in an Urban Context at ZAK’s Virtual Festival of Facades

This Wednesday, November 25th Associate and Project Architect Sveinung Chercka-Simonsen will talk about the design, performance and sustainability of VIA, our mixed-use development that is currently under construction in the heart of Oslo, at ZAK’s Virtual Festival of Facades, the world’s largest digital event on façade design and engineering.


VIA is a project seeking to revitalize its surrounding urban conditions. The 60,000-square-metre project is wrapped in a high-performance Closed Cavity Façade (CCF) which responds to the necessity of an optimized building design where the interaction between energy, indoor climate, and daylight availability play a central role.


Learn more about VIA, a project scheduled for completion in 2021, here.


And click here for registration and more information about the event. The virtual session will be held from 2.00-3.00PM CET.


State Library Victoria receives international recognition from the AIA IR 2020 Design Awards

We’re pleased to announce that State Library Victoria, the fourth most visited library in the world, Australia’s oldest and busiest public library and one of Victoria’s most important cultural institutions designed in collaboration with Architectus, has been awarded a Merit Award for Open International Architecture and has also been recognized with a Sustainable Future Award at the AIA IR 2020 Design Awards.


The Vision 2020 redevelopment project transformed State Library Victoria into a functional, accessible, flexible and innovative array of spaces designed to investigate and create. By studying the library’s history and understanding its cultural importance, we worked with an approach based on seeking authenticity and discovery –letting the heritage stand in its raw beauty.


For more information on the project, click here.


We have been selected as one of five finalists to design the new Shenzhen International Performance Center in China

Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects has been selected by a jury including Zhu Pei, Rem Koolhaas and Massimiliano Fuksas, as one of five finalists in an international competition to design the new Shenzhen International Performance Center in the heart of Futian District in Shenzhen, China.


Combining the notions of “Shenzhen Building on Reflection” and “Future Dream Performance Center”, the project, which is surrounded by lakes and an abundance of green space, aims to become a world-class space for modern arts that excites the imagination, fulfills fantasies, uses new materials, promotes greater comfort and uses new technology to create wondrous spectacles.


Schmidt Hammer Lassen has a variety of civic, cultural, built and ongoing projects in China. Some of them including the Shenzhen Waste to Energy Power Plant, the world’s largest green power plant, and Shanghai Library East, a project conceived as a singular monolithic object floating above a tree canopy within Pudong District’s Century Park. Both works are expected to complete in 2021.


State Library Victoria receives one of Australia’s top architectural honours

State Library Victoria, designed in collaboration with Architectus, has received a Commendation for Public Architecture at the 2020 Australian Institute of Architects’ National Architecture Awards.


“The State Library Victoria is Australia’s oldest and busiest public library. The Vision 2020 redevelopment addressed ageing buildings, changing needs and confusing circulation through a skillful and sound design framework that will expand the library’s reach and relevance for many generations to come, “ said the jury.


The redevelopment has brought together and clarified a conglomeration of 23 buildings, unlocking and transforming 15 spaces for public use. It has created new connections and reinstated the through-block link and Russell Street entry to enhance legibility and access. Public space has been increased by 40% and seating by 70%, expanding the possibilities of the library’s functions.


Interiors have been stripped of years of building clutter to reveal their original character, in turn, opening up more usable spaces for contemporary research and learning. While remaining respectful of the earlier built fabric, new design elements introduce a fresh and contemporary language, further enhancing the visitor experience in this popular community hub.


To see the full list of winners, visit www.architecture.com.au


You can also learn more about State Library Victoria here.

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