Tūranga, Christchurch Central Library is a finalist for Public Library of the Year Award

Tūranga, the new central library in Christchurch, New Zealand, was shortlisted for the Public Library of the Year Award by the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA). The IFLA awards are the preeminent awards program in the library industry.


The international panel of judges recognised Christchurch Central Library as one of the world’s best new public libraries for 2019 – a library of the future that embraces new digital developments, user demands, and local culture. Read more about Christchurch Central Library here.


The winner will be announced during the IFLA Annual Congress on 27 August in Athens, Greece. More information about the award can be found at www.ifla.org.


Dokk1, Scandinavia’s largest public library previously won the award for World’s Best Library back in 2016 at a prestigious ceremony during IFLA’s congress in Columbus, Ohio. Learn more about Dokk1 here.


The British Council for Offices conference lands in Copenhagen for the first time

The British Council for Offices (BCO) will visit several Schmidt Hammer Lassen projects across Copenhagen this week as part of its annual conference. Partner Tiago Pereira will lead a tour of The Royal Danish Library located on Copenhagen’s harbour front, Partner Mads Kaltoft will tour the Dahlerups Tower site at Carlsberg Byen, and Associate Partner Mads Engel will lead a tour of our Copenhagen office on Islands Brygge.


Established in 1990, The British Council for Offices is Great Britain’s leading forum for the discussion and debate of issues affecting the office sector. For more information about the event and program, visit www.bco.org.uk.


Image by BLOX.


A masterplan design for a new waterfront district in Bodø, Norway

Beyond the arctic circle lies the city of Bodø, a former fisherman’s village and now one of the fastest growing cities in Norway. Driving west of the city center along Moloveien, a stretch of industrial buildings along the waterfront emerges. It is here that Schmidt Hammer Lassen will design the masterplan for a new district aimed at attracting new residents and activity to Bodø, and tying together green spaces and the Norwegian Sea.


Utviklingsområde Vest, the new 34,000-square-metre district west of downtown Bodø and north of the local airport, will become a natural extension of the existing city centre and its main thoroughfares. Schmidt Hammer Lassen’s flexible masterplan design aims to draw city life to the area where green parks meet the waterfront, while making way for a variety of building typologies and urban qualities. Important connections, sightlines, and local character will be maintained.


Read more about Bodø Masterplan here.


Schmidt Hammer Lassen talks the future of libraries at the Next Library Festival in Aarhus, Denmark

Next Library will return home to Dokk1 in Aarhus, Denmark, from June 2 to June 5, 2019 with interactive sessions, keynotes, site visits, and other events. This year’s themes are Libraries in Times of Social Crisis, Civic Media and Data Democracy, Temporary Spaces, and Game Changing Tech & Emerging Trends.


On June 4, Partner Elif Tinaztepe, Associate Anette Bjerring Gammelgård and Architect Waleria Kudera will deliver an Ignite Talk addressing the topic of “Libraries in Times of Social Crisis.” The team will discuss library’s role as a game changer in a community with social challenges. Touching upon topics of diversity, inclusion and engagement with local partners, Elif, Anette, and Waleria will present Gellerup Sports and Culture Campus project, where placemaking plays a role of a catalyst for social sustainability. Located in the most culturally diverse area of Aarhus, which is seeing an influx of redevelopment and revitalization, the project is an example of how architecture can support the desired social change.


Library design lives in our DNA. Over the past 30 years, we have become global leaders and award-winning experts in the design and building of libraries, with 15 around the world and counting.


For more information, visit: Next Library.


Simon Arnbjerg speaks at “Bachelor with BIM?” conference

Today VIA University College in Aarhus, Denmark will host “Bachelor with BIM?,” a mini conference that addresses digital development challenges in architecture. The event is part of the ERASMUS+ project Fit for BIM, a collaboration between eight institutions of vocational and higher education from Germany, Poland, Denmark, and Belgium that creates models for the integration of digital competences and contributes to secure the supply of future skilled labour.


Associate and ICT & BIM Process Manager Simon Arnbjerg will share his knowledge and experience about the digital processes, systems, procedures, and tools that are changing the way architects work at Schmidt Hammer Lassen and throughout the industry. For more information about the initiative, visit fit4bim.eu.


Framehouse, a flexible timber office building, completes in Dragør, Denmark

Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects expands its portfolio of timber projects with the opening of Framehouse, a 1,810-square-metre flexible office building in Dragør, Denmark. The industrial business area 12 kilometres south of central Copenhagen is dotted with repurposed aircraft hangars, and new construction influenced by their form. While the simple building volumes of Framehouse are a nod to the local context, the building is a rare gem in Denmark — a sustainable and innovative exposed timber structure.


“The design of Framehouse was inspired by the simple construction of traditional wooden barns and their exposed frames,” said John Lassen, Founding Partner at Schmidt Hammer Lassen. “We gave it a modern twist, layering in sustainable innovation that meets the needs of the office tenants while supporting Denmark’s ambitious green goals.”


Read more about Framehouse here.


We co-authored the first complete IFC Guide for sharing and exchanging BIM data

Building Information Modelling (BIM) has become the new standard in the architectural process by delivering construction and design coordination improvements, quality assurances, and cost savings. The demand for sharing and exchanging data has increased in recent years at our firm and throughout the industry.


Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects’ ICT & BIM Manager Nicklas Verdier Østergaard, in collaboration with BIM Equity, buildingSMART, and Molio, have developed an IFC Guide as the ultimate BIM resource. IFC is an open file format developed for the exchange of BIM across disciplines and software applications, and can ensure the quality of projects via consistency and checks. The new guide details how to export IFC files from their BIM program and how to ensure that the IFC file is of satisfactory quality. The advantage of the neutral standard is that it can be used independently of the IT system and platform.


IFC is a requirement for major public building projects and is the most common format for BIM submissions globally. Our studio has been the initiator and main author of the new guide that shares best practice procedures, concrete examples, and detailed explanations that can help architects create high quality IFC files.


For more information (in Danish) about the guide, visit molio.dk.


Bjarne Hammer speaks at ”Bygge- og Boligpolitisk Netværk” conference in Copenhagen

On May 22, Samuelsen, Denmark’s leading provider of professional and political networks will host “Bygge- og Boligpolitisk Netværk”, an event that addresses architecture in times of terror and how to integrate security aspects into a living urban space. A line-up of notable speakers and community leaders will convene at the IDA Meeting Centre in Copenhagen to discuss the increased focus on security in Western cities, urban planning, infrastructure, and resilience. Founding Partner Bjarne Hammer will share his experience leading the design of The International Criminal Court in The Hague, The Netherlands and the impact of security on its design. Though one of the world’s most highly-secure buildings, the ICC relates to the human scale with the aim of communicating trust, hope and – most importantly – faith in justice and fairness.


For more information about the event and program, visit www.samu.dk.


In the meantime, you can learn more about The International Criminal Court here.


Business Development Manager Christina Boysen speaks at “The Viz Business” event in Budapest

On May 10, the Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre – KÉK and architectural visualization company Brick Visual will host “The Viz Business: Architectural visualization as competitive advantage”. The event will include a series of conferences, workshops, and exhibitions for sharing best practices, tools, and strategies to help architectural offices thrive. “The Viz Business” will place a special focus on business development and the benefits of architectural visualization.


Business Development Manager Christina Boysen will talk about the value of business development throughout the entire project cycle, and how strong visuals are a key marketing driver at Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects.


For more information about the event and program, visit The Viz Business.

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