Eureka Quarter

Oslo/ Norway

Size/ 87,000 m²
Competition/ 1st prize, invited international competition 2015
Client/ Storebrand Eiendom AS

The 87,000 m² masterplan in the area of Skøyen in central Oslo will become a unifying urban development icon. It will draw a new skyline and a versatile reflection of city life by combining the diversity of the existing area as well as creating a connection to Oslo fjord. The plan will include a hotel and conference centre, housing, cafes and retail areas, offices and a day-care centre evoking a strong sense of community and urban life.

The proposal is based on a qualitative interaction with the already existing structures, this multi-stage expansion will gradually create a fertile ground for the life between the buildings.

By using the already existing qualities of the area, the central link to downtown Oslo, the public transportation hub and the presence of the Hoff river as natural drivers, we create a strong presence and interaction with the context.

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